Important: For kind people who feel overweight, tired, unfit or unhealthy.

Transform Your Health and Free Yourself From Dieting by Discovering How:

Retrains Your Brain To Lose Weight Naturally, Enjoy Food Without Guilt, And Feel Confident In Your Skin Again

without punishing exercise...

without calorie counting...

without fad dieting...

without weight rebound...

"21lbs lost, a dress size dropped... confidence through the roof!"

"In 12 weeks I've lost 21lbs, dropped a dress size, achieved 5 personal bests in the gym, I'm sleeping better and my confidence is through the roof!"

- Elizabeth C

"Lost a stone and a half, joints feel better... it's changed my life!"

"I've lost a stone and a half and my joints are feeling much better. So much in fact that I can now go dancing 2 or 3 nights back to back. Thank you for the kindness revolution. It really has changed my life for the better!"

- Sarah, H

"After years of dieting, I've found a positive attitude to food!"

"I’ve dropped a dress size, and after years of yo-yo dieting, this has helped me to develop a positive attitude to food! This program has been amazing!”

- Jules, J

"A completely different and positive approach to wellbeing!"

"Eddie's gets you to change your habits in a positive way, instead of looking at the flaws you have. It's a completely different and positive approach to wellbeing and it's helped me lose weight without dieting and feel balanced with my food."

- Karen M

Welcome... To the world's ONLY health and weight loss program which pays you every day you follow its simple, powerful, habits.

In just a moment, I'm going to tell you all about:

  • Why The Kindness Revolution works so effectively, even if you've dieted for 20+ years
  • How it is the ONLY program in the world that pays you to take part in it; and
  • The one thing you need to do today if you want to give yourself a chance of claiming 1 of the 30 places when the program opens in January.

(It sold out every time I released it in 2023... so if you want to join in January 2024, read carefully!)

But before all of that, for you to make sense of this program, I need to tell you who I am.

I'm Eddie Jones 👋

That's me in the photo - half-way up a mountain in the beautiful lake district.

When I'm not hiking mountains, I'm helping clients transform their health and their lives.

That's because I'm a qualified:

  • Level 4 Personal trainer
  • Nutritionist; with a...
  • BSc HONS Psychology Degree

And since 2014, I've worked with over 1,000 clients from six different countries, helping them achieve their own unique and life-changing health and fitness goals.

Some have lost over 10 stone (and kept it off!). Others have gone from struggling with 3,000 steps to climbing England's highest mountain. Others have ended overeating and emotional eating habits. And all of them have quit yo-yo dieting, and developed the food, exercise, and mental habits they need to experience the freedom and confidence of a truly healthy lifestyle.

I love my work, but honestly?

The fitness industry I work in is corrupt

Corrupt is a strong word, but I stand by it.

See, as a teenager, I struggled with a poor relationship with food, exercise and my body image. I felt like I was never lean enough, strong enough, or worthy enough. I spent over 10 years chasing the 'perfect' body that TV shows, magazines and then social media was telling me I 'should' have.

It got the point where I was eating food in secret, ashamed of eating pizza in front of people.

Every diet I tried only made my relationship with food and my body worse.

And, now, with hindsight I know I wasn't alone in my struggle.

  • The average woman in the UK will spend between 17 to 30 years of her life dieting
  • Many research studies have found the #1 predictor of all future weight gain is dieting
  • Between 90%-97% of people who lose weight on a diet will gain it back inside 3 years
  • Obesity figures are rising year on year, even though we have more diets than ever

And even the drugs don't work!

Check out the graph from the Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism research group.

It shows that once someone stops taking Semaglutide (the famous weight loss injection) their weight returns.


Because the people who design these diets and solutions don't want you to succeed.

They create their diets in such a way that you always put the weight back on, because when their diets fail you, their bank balance wins. They want you as a customer for life! It's why Prof Sir Stephen O'Rahily, the director of the Medical Research Council's Metabolic Disease Unit said,

"Over 90% of people end up back at the weight they were before they started on their diet,"

That’s why, in 2013, I knew I needed to find a different way to live a healthy life.

I did 3 things:

  • Studied exercise and qualified as a personal trainer
  • Studied nutrition and qualified as a nutritionist; and
  • Started therapy to feel better about my body

And since then... I've dedicated my work to acting as an antithesis to the corrupt fitness industry.

It's my mission to be a force of positive change in the health and fitness industry

"Helped me rediscover who I am and give me my life back"

"Eddie's not only taught me to eat well without diets or meal plans, but also provided me with coping skills which have helped me rediscover who I am and give me my life back. My only regret is not doing this years ago!"

- Sam, 51. Area Manager... Darlington

"I've achieved results I didn't think were ever possible"

"Eddie's helped me reach my goal weight and be the lightest, fittest, healthiest and most confident I’ve been in 10 years. I've achieved results - physically and mentally - that I didn’t think were ever possible for someone like me!"

- Abi, 34. Teacher... Birmingham

It's why I set up a volunteer group to get people active and keep the community clean

Despite what social media tells you, you don't need to start an exhaustive exercise routine to improve your health. You can simply walk more. One recent study shows how an extra 11 minute walk per day can lower your risk of premature death by 25%.

That's one reason I created "Talking Out The Trash" in 2021 - a volunteer litter picking group. It's added hundreds of thousands of extra steps into dozens of people's lives.

Plus, it's helped people make new friends, combating loneliness and improving social well-being.

And best of all, it's cleaned over 1,000 bags of rubbish from our parks, waterways, and streets.

It's why 'Steppin Out For Christmas' exists

Every December I run a free challenge called 'Steppin' Home For Christmas'. Participants set a personalised step goal and collect one item each day to donate to their chose charity.

Over the years, it's raised thousands of donations for food banks, children's charities, the women's refuge and more. And it's been the birth of health transformation. One lady kick-started her health journey from the challenge - going on to lose over 10 stones!

And it's why, in 2023, after growing through a combination of all these factors:

  • Personally suffering at the hands of the corrupt fitness system
  • Qualifying as a personal trainer and nutritionist and breaking free from diets
  • Helping over 1000 people achieve health goals they never imaged in possible
  • Seeing first hand the difference that kindness can make in our own lives and community

I created...

The Kindness Revolution is the world’s only 12-week online health and weight loss program which pays you for building easy-to-follow habits into your life, one-step-at-a-time, while using kindness and compassion as fuel.

It's a culmination of my last 10 years of work, packed into one program.

And it’s now proven to:

  • Retrain your brain to lose up to 21 lbs off fat, naturally
  • End fad diets so you can enjoy food without guilt or shame 
  • Cut inches from your body so you feel great in your clothes
  • Boost your energy, lower your resting heart rate, and transform your health
  • Teach you all the skills and habits you need to stay healthy for the rest of your life

It doesn’t require you to cut out any of your favourite foods or count calories.

Nor does it ask you to follow any impossible exercise routines you hate.

And best of all, it literally pays you up to £1.40 every day you follow it.

I’ll tell you more about how it pays you up to £1.40 every day, making it the world’s only health and weight loss program of its kind in a moment. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Because first, here’s…

Here's an overview of how The Kindness Revolution works and what you can expect to achieve in 12 weeks

In The Kindness Revolution, I break down your big goals into small, manageable habits.

Habits are the only way to get results that last.

And behavioural psychology tells us that the best way to build a habit is to focus on one habit at a time. When you focus on three (or more) habits at a time, your chances of successfully still practising those habits in one year is less than 5%. But when you focus on just one habit, your chances of those habits sticking, and your results sticking to, skyrocket to a whopping 85%.

That's why The Kindness Revolution guides you into building one habit into your life every 2 weeks. This methodological approach makes your life easier and your results longer lasting.

Every day, you'll get a daily email from me, telling you exactly what to do.

And each habit carefully builds upon the previous one. 

This is the same simple, powerful, approach I have used with all my 1:1 clients to help them lose hundreds of pounds of weight without dieting, and to transform their health in an enjoyable way!


By the end of the first 4 weeks you’ll have learned:

  • The #1 method to make healthier food choices naturally, without dieting rules. You’ll feel in control of food as fat starts to drops from your body.
  • How to eat the foods you love and get results, using the one simple ‘trick’ I use to eat pizzas and cakes every week and stay in shape
  • The simple way to keep your motivation sky-high every day
  • The #1 food you need to eat MORE of to curb your cravings. You’ll be amazed at how your cravings reduce as you enjoy more of this food.
  • Why a 5-minute habit at the beginning of your day makes your life less stressful, boosts your mood, and puts your on track with food
  • How to wave goodbye to dieting rules forever and say hello to enjoying food without guilt, shame, or overthinking… all while you lose fat!

"I've changed habits in months that I was stuck in for years!!"

"The impact Eddie has had on me is incredible. I have lost a significant amount of weight and I am stronger and fitter than I have been for years! If you're thinking about working with Eddie, just do it. I wish did sooner!!"

- Victoria Briggs, Teesside


By the end of the 8th week you'll be enjoying:

  • How pairing 2 foods in your diet melts away body fat, crushes cravings, and makes healthy eating so simple you literally can’t get it wrong
  • The ‘Goldilocks’ Method which prevents overeating and helps your body learn how much to eat for your goals, without calorie counting
  • A better relationship with food than you’ve ever had in your life
  • Fitting into your clothes more comfortably, boosting your self-esteem
  • The confidence that you know what to eat to stay on track with your goals no matter where you are – at home, eating out, even at a takeaway!
  • Improved energy and fitness levels, so you enjoy each day more!

"I've lost 1 stone... and I know I can keep these habits for life!"

"My body has changed, I've lost 1 stone, but even if I had lost no weight, I can say I'm so much happier in myself because of this program! I'm eating a healthy balanced diet and I know I can keep these new habits up for life.”

- Danielle W, Darlington


And by the end of the 12 weeks, you'll be amazed at how:

  • Your body has melted away up to 21 lbs without counting calories
  • You’re fitting into clothes you want to wear, not what you have to wear
  • My ‘habit dial’ technique is keeping you on track with your healthy eating habits, so you’re getting results no matter how busy you are
  • You know with confidence that you will never ‘fall off the wagon’ again
  • You’re sleeping better and no longer suffering from chronic stress
  • You’re enjoying energy that lasts all day, without relying on caffeine
  • You feel healthy, energetic, and comfortable in your body 
  • You’ve finally waved goodbye to dieting and developed all the skills, tools, and mindset you need to experience the confidence and freedom a truly healthy lifestyle has to offer

"I'll be wearing my little black dress to my works do!"

"I've lost 18lbs and 12.5 inches from around my body! That's without cutting out foods - I have enjoyed cakes, curries, and my usual weekend tipples! I'll be wearing my little black dress to my works Christmas do!”

- Sarah Y, Darlington

The Kindness Revolution is very different from any diet you might have tried before

Unlike diets and fads, this program builds proven and sustainable habits into your life one step at a time, and combines it with acts of kindness which allows you to earn your investment back.

All of this means you:

  • Lose fat fast quickly and sustainably
  • Build fitness into your life without it taking over your life
  • Improve your relationship with food (bye-bye dieting!)
  • Drop dress size(s) and feel confident in your clothes again
  • Learn the simple food and mindset habits to keep your results, forever!
  • And, you get rewarded for helping make your community a stronger, happier place!

Plus - The Kindness Revolution comes with £465 worth of FREE bonuses when you join!

Bonus #1. The 12-Week Daily Planner (Value: £30)

This isn’t just any planner.

This is your roadmap to transformation, your ticket to control. All you need to do is spend 5 minutes with it every morning and evening, and follow the simple, straightforward prompts which help you make food choices that fuel your body and your confidence.

Best of all, I’ll post it to your doorstep the moment you sign up to the program!

Bonus #2. Treasure Trove of Recipe Books (Value: £95)

I’m talking about drool-worthy dishes that are not only healthy but absolutely delicious.

You don’t need to eat bland ‘diet’ food – you need to learn how to nourish your body and delight your taste buds at the same time.  

And yes, vegan, vetetarian recipe books are included!

Bonus #3. Healthy Eating Guides (Value £50)

You’ll also get access to my healthy eating guides that cut through the confusion of food. Alongside the program, they will guide you on choosing the right proteins, carbs, and fats so you can make smart choices wherever you are. 

On holiday, ordering takeaways, or heating up oven-ready meals on those busy days; The Kindness Revolution is about lifelong health made simple, adaptable and sustainable. 

Now that really is a revolution!

Bonus #4. Healthy Mindset Tools (Value £50)

Let’s not forget one of the biggest hurdles in any health journey: mindset.

That’s why I’ve included mindset tools to help you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and bounce back from setbacks.

With these tools, you won’t just dodge self-sabotage – you’ll build the resilience and determination to make these changes last a lifetime.

Bonus #5. Rapid Email Support (Value: £240)

When you’ve got a question, need a pick-me-up, or hit a roadblock, you can reply to my emails and it will be ME who will get back to you. 

No call centre contacts, no random customer service reps, but me; the driving force behind this whole program. 

It’s the kind of personal touch that sets this program even further part and ensures you’re never going it alone.

You won't find a more valuable, effective and potentially life-changing program... anywhere!

And that's not the only which makes this program unique.

Because in a world's first, this is a health and weight loss program which pays you!

Why I created the world’s only health and weight loss program which pays you to look, feel, and live better

I started my business to help more people escape the toxic food and fitness trap I was in.

I want everyone to experience the joy and freedom a truly healthy lifestyle has to offer.

However, I realised not everyone can afford my 1:1 coaching. 

That’s why, when I made The Kindness Revolution, I did 2 things:

  • Made it affordable enough for almost anyone to join 
  • Incentivised it in a way that helps you get incredible results AND earn up to every single penny of your investment back

Even though:

  • The program is worth £500
  • The bonuses are worth £465.
  • Giving a total value of £965.

I didn't want to charge that - I wanted to make this as accessible as possible for people.

That's why The Kindness Revolution is the best bargain you'll find all year, at just £120.

And, it's broken down into 3 manageable monthly installments of £40.

Then, as you work your way through the program, every day you can earn up to £1.40 of your investment back. Over 12-weeks, that means you can earn up to 100% of your investment back.

How do you earn £1.40 of your investment back each day?


  • Every day you fill in your planner you earn back 50p
  • Every week you hit your personalised step goal (which I’ll help you set) you earn back £3
  • Every day you gift an act of kindness to your community you earn back 50p

And don’t worry… your acts of kindness don’t need to be dramatic, they can be anything from complimenting someone to 10 minutes litter picking. Small actions, yes, but collectively?

They create a wave of positivity that can transform communities.

So far, The Kindness Revolution has made over 800 positive acts.

Here’s just a couple to get inspired by from my Instagram…

And in case you have any doubts this program will work for you - it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

There is absolutely no risk to you with The Kindness Revolution - it comes with a 'No-Risk, All Reward' 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

Here's how it works:

  • Try It, Test It, Apply It: Dive into The Kindness Revolution for a full 30 days. Use the planner, follow the emails, and start making those small but mighty changes.
  • See the Difference: Witness first-hand the shift in your eating habits, the ease in your routine, and the uptick in your confidence.
  • Decide on Your Terms: If within those 30 days, you don't feel like you're on the path to a healthier, happier you, just say the word.
  • No Hassles, No Questions: If The Kindness Revolution doesn’t meet your expectations, I'll refund every penny. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I'm taking all the risk off your shoulders and placing it squarely on mine. 


Because I believe wholeheartedly in the transformative power of this program. I’ve seen it change lives, and I know it can change yours too. But if you find it’s not for you, that’s okay. 

You risk nothing by trying it out.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity: join the FREE waitlist for The Kindness Revolution for free and give yourself the chance to secure one of the 30 limited spots

Pause for a moment and reflect:

Are you genuinely content with where you are right now?

Think about the countless diets, the random plans, the solitary attempts at a healthier you. 

Have they brought you the lasting results you want?

This is more than just a question about your body; it's about your happiness. If you find yourself in the same cycle of frustration and disappointment, it’s clear – the traditional paths just aren’t cutting it.

That’s why The Kindness Revolution is the solution you need.

  • End the Dieting Cycle: Say goodbye to restrictive diets that only set you up for failure. The Kindness Revolution is about enriching your diet, not depriving it.
  • Step-by-Step Success: Forget about overwhelming overhauls. We focus on one habit at a time, ensuring each change is manageable and sticks.
  • Fuelled by Kindness: Your journey to health is driven by compassion, not criticism, fostering a mindset that nurtures lasting change.
  • Earn up to 100% of your program investment back: Every day you follow the program is an extra £1.40 back in your pocket.

Other programs might promise quick fixes, but at what cost? Endless hunger, complicated routines, and a toll on your social life? Or perhaps they leave you stranded the moment you hit a rough patch.

Not with The Kindness Revolution. 

Here, every step is a celebration, every habit a victory, every act of kindness a ripple that transforms not just you, but the world around you. Take one small step to the results you deserve and join the waitlist now.

It’s 100% free to join the waitlist. 

I’ll send you more information about the program before it opens. Then, in January, when the program opens, I’ll send you your own private link to claim one of the 30 limited places so you don’t miss out. I hope to have the opportunity to transform your health and life, forever. 

But the next step, is up to you.

Thanks for reading!


"For years I tortured myself through the diet industry..."

"I joined Eddies’ Kindness revolution to do something for me. For years I tortured myself through the diet industry…. You name it, I’d tried it! Eddie has truly shown me that it is about kindness and balance, that I don’t have to be so restricted, so sad and so negative. I’ve learned lots about myself and some great methods to help me find balance and improve my health. I’m fitter, stronger, and more lean thanks to the positivity and help from Eddie!"

- Rachel Lister, Teesside

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